Superior Verified Source and Age Verification


The Source & Age Verification program is a USDA approved, non-biased, third-party audit that verifies the source and age of your calves.  The source verification will enable you to meet COOL requirements, the age verification will make your cattle eligible for export to countries with age requirements on imported beef products. Both of these add value to your cattle at sale time.

Superior Verified pink EID tags allow calves to be co-mingled, change ownership, and still maintain their age and source verification. Superior Verify your calves and receive personal convenient service and visual prompting with the Superior Verified logo that lets buyers know your calves are source and age verified at the time your calves are being offered for sale at the auction.

Superior Value Added Program Affidavit

Source and Age Verification Application

EID Tag Application Method

Official Listing of Approved USDA Process Verified Programs