The NHTC program is a USDA approved, non-biased, third-party audit that verifies the source, age and non-hormone treated status of your calves. This program is perfect for those producers already practicing non-hormone or natural procedures and want to see the benefit of those practices realized at sale time. When your cattle are NHTC verified, not only can you market them as such, but they will also qualify for export to the European Union - again adding value at sale time.  NHTC verification requires an on-site audit that must occur prior to the cattle being sold.  NHTC cattle must be sold to an approved NHTC location.  If the buyer is not NHTC approved, the cattle will lose their NHTC approval status.

If your ranch also acts as a backgrounder/stocker operation, you must receive separate approval to receive cattle from another ranch.

Superior Value Added Program Affidavit