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The Hereford Advantage program has now teamed up with IMI Global to add value to Hereford sired calves. Calves must be at least 50% Hereford genetics and still sired by a Hereford bull battery that ranks in the top 50% of the breed for the $CHB index, but now there are a few more requirements that ensure superior health and management in addition to superior genetics. The cattle must now be Source & Age Verified, have at least 2 rounds of vaccinations prior to weaning and be BQA Certified. Cattle enrolled will receive an EID tag. The enrollment cost is $3/head and may be bundled with other programs thru IMI Global. For more information visit https://hereford.org/commercial/feeder-cattle/the-hereford-advantage/ or contact Trey Befort, Director of Commercial Programs for the American Hereford Association at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (620) 770-3419.



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