800-422-2117 Texas
800-523-6610 Colorado

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Superior Livestock Staff

Name Position Phone Office
Clyde Whittle Senior Editor & "Voice" of SLA 817-378-3316 Fort Worth
Danny Jones President 405-834-6690 Oklahoma City
Faye Weiss Accounting & Auction 800-523-6610 Brush
Glenda Wagner Administrative Assistant 800.523.6610 Brush
Heather Lichtie Human Resources 817-378-3306 Fort Worth
Jason Barber Purebred Division Manager 817-378-3326 Fort Worth
Jill Higgins Rep Services 800.422.2117 Fort Worth
Joe Lichtie Vice President 817-378-3311 Fort Worth
Johnette Vondy Custodial Accounting 970-842-6903 Brush
Kelly Keller Auction Coordinator 817-378-3309 Fort Worth
Kevin Fielder Director of IT 817-378-3312 Fort Worth
Kirbe Schnoor Production Team / TV Host 817-378-3302 Fort Worth
Mark McLelland Senior Editor 817-378-3319 Fort Worth
Merrigwen Morrow Superior Animal Health 800-523-6610 Brush
Michael Boenig Video Production Manager 817-378-3308 Fort Worth
Mitch Hickey General Accounting 800-523-6610 Brush
Mitchell Lichtie Country Page / Superior Internet Auctions 817-378-3321 Fort Worth
Mona Wahlert Office Manager 800-523-6610 Brush
Phillip Shaw Senior Editor / Sale Day Manager 817-378-3318 Fort Worth
Rhonda Hass Administrative Assistant 970-842-6908 Oklahoma City
Robert Lewis Systems Administrator 817-378-3307 Fort Worth
Roger Lindley Video Producer / Director Fort Worth
Sam Hughes Superior Country Page 918-440-4247 Fort Worth
Sarra Settle Administrative Assistant 800-422-2117 Fort Wroth
Shauna Smith Auction Coordinator 970-842-6904 Brush
Susan Thompson Receptionist 800-523-6610 Brush
Tom Morrow A/R Specialist 800-523-6610 Brush