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 “The Superior Way”

Through its nationwide marketing network, Superior Livestock Auction offers load lots of cattle at auction (via satellite TV and the Internet) from producers throughout the United States to buyers throughout the United States. The Video and Internet Auctions are conducted live, with an auctioneer, as cattle are sold to buyers bidding at the auction site, via telephone or on the internet “Click to Bid”. Buyers can either be present at the auction site or view the auction via a nationwide satellite broadcast on SLA-TV (Dish Network, channel 997) or on the internet from the comfort of their office, home or wherever they may be. Superior also offers daily internet listings of cattle for sale on the Country Page.

Unlike conventional marketing methods, buyers have the opportunity to view and buy cattle, shown in their natural surroundings. The cattle are shipped directly from the seller’s farm or ranch to the buyer’s destination, which greatly reduces stress and potential health problems.

To begin the process, go to the Register for a Buyer Number page or call the Fort Worth, Texas office at 800-422-2117 and the staff will assist you in registering for a Buyer Number.

You have three options in Buying

“The Superior Way”

Superior has an auction every other Friday and Country Page sales daily.  The Video Auctions are broadcast live from Superior’s office and Studio in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards every other week during the majority of the year.  From June through September, Superior conducts “special” multiple day regional auctions in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Winnemucca, Nevada, Sheridan, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado.  Our Superior Weekly Auctions are scheduled every Thursday that there is not a video auction or a Holiday. Cattle are offered for sale on the Country Page every day of the week.

When cattle are consigned, a Superior Representative goes to the producers farm or ranch to film the cattle and prepare a consignment contract describing the cattle and stating the terms and conditions of the sale. This includes the description, current location, delivery date, weighing conditions, vaccination programs, etc. This information is compiled into a catalog that is made available to potential buyers. 

The Video Auction catalog is mailed or emailed (buyer’s preference) one week prior to the auction. It is available on the internet a week prior to the auction. The video of the cattle is also available on the internet for buyers to view the cattle prior to the auction. The SLA Weekly Auction catalog and video of the cattle is available on the internet and by email two days prior to the auction. The Country Page catalog and video is available on the internet the day the cattle are listed for sale.

After the cattle are sold, a Livestock Contract  stating the terms and conditions of the sale is prepared and sent to both the buyer and seller. Following the auction, the Superior Representative contacts all parties to arrange the delivery. The buyer is responsible for hiring trucks to haul the cattle to their destination. 

On the day of delivery, the Superior Representative is present to oversee the sorting and loading of the cattle and to make sure the terms of the Livestock Contract are followed. The buyer is welcome at the delivery, but it is not required. 

Advantages of Buying
“The Superior Way”