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Vaquillas Marketing Group

Vaquillas Marketing Group

Vaquillas Marketing is a family-owned business founded by seventh generation rancher, Gene “Primo” Walker. Over 35 years ago operating with a handshake and “our word is our bond” business practice, Vaquillas Marketing started networking with Jim Kollman and Roberto Gonzalez buying and selling Mexican cattle. Jim Kollman, a Superior Livestock Representative, saw opportunity with the quality ranch raised cattle in Mexico and the Vaquillas Marketing group has become the exclusive Mexican agent for marketing these sought-after cattle through Superior Livestock’s Video Auctions. It is the aim of the Vaquillas Marketing group to bring the best Mexican cattle to the US border for American buyers, while offering a new way for the Mexican cattle rancher to receive a fair and honest price for their livestock through the auction method of marketing and true price discovery.


Reasons For Buying Mexican Cattle Offered Through Superior Livestock

Consignor- Las Tunas Ranch

  1. Gentle, all have been processed and handled prior to shipping in order to qualify to cross the border. Leaving the buyer with gentle cattle who are easy to get around no matter where they are going.
  2. Cattle will arrive user friendly and ranch ready, Mexican cattle are worked on foot, horseback and with dogs.
  3. Weaned, preconditioned, steers and spayed heifers.
  4. Healthy, all cattle that cross the US border must meet strict U.S.D.A health protocols giving the buyer confidence.
  5. Easy loading and unloading on and off trucks.
  6. Easy sorting, cattle can be gate cut or go through sorting chute easily. 
  7. Quality is the utmost of importance, many producers have been using genetics from US seedstock producers for sixty years.
  8. Cattle will arrive in good condition and ready to go to work for the buyer.