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VitaFerm Raised

Superior Livestock is proud to announce the “VitaFerm Raised” Value Added program with BioZyme, Inc. Since 1995, Value Added Calf programs have created premiums when calves sell on Superior’s video auctions. Traditionally when ranchers think of adding value it is derived from a quality health program dependent upon vaccinations, but together Superior and BioZyme, Inc. are putting a new twist on creating premiums for healthier cattle through a mineral supplement nutrition program. BioZyme is an innovative company in the agricultural fields of livestock nutrition and animal microbiology. BioZyme is well known for their VitaFerm mineral product and for Amaferm which is a natural feed additive that acts as a prebiotic and is included in their many products. 
The goal of “VitaFerm Raised” is to raise healthy calves and to identify cattle on the program as they sell on Superior to create a premium from a recognizable nutrition “Value Added” program. VitaFerm Raised targets cow/calf producers and is for calves that are raised on a VitaFerm fed dam and/or was fed a VitaFerm mineral themselves during pre-conditioning for a minimum of 45 days prior to auction and thru delivery. Once cattle are identified for the program on the consignment contracts the VitaFerm Raised value added logo will show up in Superior’s catalogs and on-screen as the cattle sell.

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