VAC Precon


Calves gathered from various sources and weaned at least 60 days prior to delivery.
The vaccination requirements for Vac Pre-Con are:
Calves vaccinated twice: At arrival and booster per label instructions. Last shot at least 14 days prior to delivery.
  1. 2 doses 7-way, 8-way or 9-way Clostridial on arrival and booster.
  2. 2 doses viral 5- way (IBR, PI3, BRSV and BVD Type I and II). The IBR and PI3 components must be chemically altered modified live or modified live with veterinarian’s approval. The BVD and BRSV can be modified live or killed.
  3. 1 dose Pasteurella Haemolytica and/or Pasteurella Multocida.
  4. Internal and external parasite control recommended.
We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian concerning these and any other vaccinations you give.
At delivery, your representative will require you to sign a Program Compliance Affidavit located on the bottom portion of the buyers invoice. It will ask for information stating the vaccinations administered, brand name of the vaccine, date administered and injection site(s).   Please record this information as you vaccinate, so that you can complete the affidavit on the day of delivery.  If you have any questions, please call your Superior representative or Merrigwen Morrow @ 1-800-523-6610.