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BLOCKYARD™ is a centralized digital database that provides a consistent way to share and access cattle records. The platform creates a digital copy of every animal which can help show accurate production, health and genomic information.
BLOCKYARD can help you:
  • Access vaccination history
  • Share genetic predictions to inform price discovery, management, selection andbreeding decisions
  • Share and access feedlot performance and carcass information
  • Streamline participation in value-added programs
  • Increase potential returns when marketing feeder and fed cattle for specific programs
  • Better predict breakeven points when buying cattle
It’s free to register and add cattle and management information into BLOCKYARD. You only pay when you enroll animals for genomic determination of parentage and breed composition or order individual or group-level genetic predictions. Cattle with management information available in BLOCKYARD are distinguished by a gray logo. Cattle with genomic predictions in BLOCKYARD have a teal logo.
Join the innovative platform. It’s unique. It’s simple. And it’s empowering. Let’s turn data into value. Visit https://welcome.blockyard.com/ to get more information about BLOCKYARD from Zoetis and register today!
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