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Welcome To Superior Livestock's Country Page! Here, you'll be able to find cattle available immediately throughout the Country. If you're ready to sell or need cattle now, you've come to the right place. The Country Page is updated daily, and if you don't see what you're looking for, contact Mitchell Lichtie (817-253-2806) or Sam Hughes (918-440-4247) in the Fort Worth, TX office or Rhonda Hass in the Oklahoma City, OK office and they'll do their best to find what you need. Superior Livestock Auction was founded in 1987, and since then we've become the Nation's leader in offering load lots of cattle nationwide. We have more than 400 quality representatives throughout the regions eager to represent your cattle. We strive for great customer service, and above all we're here to market cattle for people, to people. 


Consignment Deadline: November 15th




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How it Works:

The Country Page system is designed to make the process of bidding online as simple as possible! If you'd like to bid on a lot, you simply:

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You can also click on the lot details to view more information about that lot. The form to place your bid is below the information for the lot

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Asking Price : Each lot has an "asking price." Once that price is reached, the lot is sold! Think of it as the "buy it now" price.

Increments : You must bid on lots in certain increments. For Feeders and Calves, you must bid in increments of alternating 10 and 15 cents: (.10, .25, .35, .50, .60, .75, .85 or whole dollar amounts). For bred stock, you must bid in 25-dollar increments (25,50,75,100, etc).

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