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Pharo Cattle Co. Annual Fall Bull Sale
Nov 12, 2012 12:00 pm Mountain

Current Lot : 110 -- PCC REI Hearken 7208Y

Name : PCC REI Hearken 7208Y
DOB : 5/4/2011
Sire : NT Plato Rupert 123
CED : 3
DISP : 4
FLSH : 4
HAIR : 3
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Lots with Video

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Lot 29--PCC SSCC Legacy 1730Y
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Lot 32--PCC SSCC Evanston 1729Y
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Lot 34--PCC BA Sam 2326Y
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Lot 37--PCC BA Tucker 2302Y
Lot 38--PCC Whiz Kid 1190Y
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Lot 46--PCC Victor 1002Y
Lot 47--PCC FSR Matador 3238Y
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Lot 49--PCC FSR Kix 3256Y
Lot 50--PCC 4-P Niwot 1404Y
Lot 51--PCC ICE Uno Doce Trece 2950Y
Lot 52--PCC OAO Tuffy 1226Y
Lot 53--PCC OAO Oaklee 1228Y
Lot 54--PCC SSCC Outback 1721Y
Lot 55--PCC TF Yardley 2603Y
Lot 56--PCC SSCC Gregory 1742Y
Lot 57--PCC SSCC Red Cloud 1741Y
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Lot 62--PCC OLC Adams 2237Y
Lot 63--PCC FSR Promise 2032Y
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Lot 66--PCC N-K Thunder 2110Y
Lot 67--PCC LCC Prairie Knight 3303Y
Lot 68--PCC LCC Four Bears 3306Y
Lot 69--PCC LCC Silverwolf 3309Y
Lot 70--PCC LCC Double Down 3307Y
Lot 71--PCC LCC Keno 3311Y
Lot 72--PCC TQ Robinson R82 1835Y
Lot 73--PCC TQ Richie H50 1837Y
Lot 74--PCC TQ Lennon M36 1838Y
Lot 75--PCC TQ Dolby W55 1855Y
Lot 76--PCC TQ Numan T40 1853Y
Lot 77--PCC N-K Master Yo 2104Y
Lot 78--PCC Razor 1038Y
Lot 79--PCC Buck 1037Y
Lot 80--PCC Silver 1035Y
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Lot 83--PCC BA Yukon 2353Y
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Lot 85--PCC RLC Yellowstone 3018Y
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Lot 93--PCC Lightnin 1040Y
Lot 94--PCC OAO Chance 1246Y
Lot 95--PCC P-L Jerry 2454Y
Lot 96--PCC N-K T Bear 2121Y
Lot 97--PCC P-L Kyle 2453Y
Lot 98--PCC FSR Apache 3244Y
Lot 99--PCC FSR Renegade 3257Y
Lot 100--PCC RLC Legend 3012Y
Lot 101--PCC RLC Far Away 3010Y
Lot 102--PCC RLC Yuletide 3011Y
Lot 103--PCC RLC Coffee 3020Y
Lot 104--PCC OAO Otis 1259Y
Lot 105--PCC Wind River 1112Y
Lot 106--PCC Stoney 1161Y
Lot 107--PCC ICE Black Charcoal 7403Y
Lot 108--PCC P-L Stout One 2452Y
Lot 109--PCC TQ David W18 1860Y
Lot 110--PCC REI Hearken 7208Y
Lot 111--PCC N-K Hog 7250Y
Lot 112--PCC Johnny B Special 4023Y
Lot 113--PCC CTM Young Gun 5104Y
Lot 114--PCC CTM Yukon 5105Y
Lot 115--PCC ICE Johnnys Image 5400Y
Lot 116--PCC ICE Heres Johnny 5403Y
Lot 117--PCC CTM Yak 5103Y
Lot 118--PCC REI Yankee 5205Y
Lot 119--PCC REI Yuppie 5210Y
Lot 120--PCC REI Yucca 5213Y
Lot 121--PCC REI Herald 5215Y
Lot 122--PCC REI Resound 5207Y
Lot 123--PCC Chunky Chuckie 4025Y
Lot 124--PCC Chunky Monkey 4002Y
Lot 125--PCC Rock-N-Roll 4022Y
Lot 126--PCC Rock-N-Fire 4021Y
Lot 127--PCC DC Gabe 5044Y
Lot 128--PCC SCC Drake 5882Y
Lot 129--PCC SCC Heavy D 5873Y
Lot 130--PCC SCC Front N Center 5872Y
Lot 131--PCC ICE Red October 5427Y
Lot 132--PCC REI Momento 5228Y
Lot 133--PCC REI Declare 5222Y
Lot 134--PCC REI Yesman 5224Y
Lot 135--PCC REI Hallmark 5229Y
Lot 136--PCC WFF Cashin In 4504Y
Lot 138--PCC D-7 Johnny Cash 4708Y
Lot 139--PCC D-7 Tejas 4706Y
Lot 140--PCC D-7 Willy 4705Y
Lot 141--PCC D-7 Cole 4714Y
Lot 142--PCC Highline 4020Y
Lot 143--PCC CTM Yardman 5112Y
Lot 144--PCC DC Hank 5029Y
Lot 145--PCC DC Harley 5023Y
Lot 146--PCC DC Harvey 5009Y
Lot 147--PCC DC Hermann 5031Y
Lot 148--PCC DC Herbie 5020Y
Lot 149--PCC FSF Colorado Sky 5502Y
Lot 150--PCC FSF Colorado Drifter 5541Y
Lot 151--PCC R2R Paul 4622Y
Lot 152--PCC R2R Springfield 4621Y
Lot 153--PCC R2R Shale 4624Y
Lot 154--PCC ICE Buffalo Chip 5429Y
Lot 155--PCC ICE Cowboy Dude 5419Y
Lot 156--PCC P-L Hoboson 5736Y
Lot 157--PCC D-7 Cowpoke 4703Y
Lot 158--PCC CFL Yankee 5359Y
Lot 159--PCC CFL Yorbit 5358Y
Lot 160--PCC CFL Yippee 5361Y
Lot 161--PCC CFL Youngblood 5355Y
Lot 162--PCC Colorado Country 4091Y
Lot 163--PCC P-L Jimbo 5726Y
Lot 164--PCC P-L Yoeman 5728Y
Lot 165--PCC P-L Trung 5727Y
Lot 166--PCC P-L Capacity Kid 5729Y
Lot 167--PCC P-L Blender Boy 5732Y
Lot 168--PCC D-7 Hank 4726Y
Lot 169--PCC D-7 Jericho 4722Y
Lot 170--PCC ICE Buffalo Ace 5425Y
Lot 171--PCC ICE Buffalo Burt 5432Y
Lot 172--PCC KOM Donahue 4430Y
Lot 173--PCC REI Kaycee 5219Y
Lot 174--PCC REI Decode 5220Y
Lot 175--PCC LLL Yeoman 5900Y
Lot 176--PCC LLL Yukon 5901Y
Lot 177--PCC CTM Yacht 5126Y
Lot 178--PCC CTM Yankee 5108Y
Lot 179--PCC CTM Yesman 5107Y
Lot 180--PCC D-7 Hank 4747Y
Lot 181--PCC D-7 Mac 4717Y
Lot 182--PCC D-7 Jake 4739Y
Lot 183--PCC D-7 Lariat 4744Y
Lot 184--PCC ICE Red Fork 5424Y
Lot 185--PCC ICE Red Skull 5421Y
Lot 186--PCC ICE Buffalo Stud 5422Y
Lot 187--PCC DC Hector 5022Y
Lot 188--PCC DC Hans 5036Y
Lot 189--PCC Gold Digger 4013Y
Lot 190--PCC Hot Dog 4011Y
Lot 191--PCC KOM Buchanan 4418Y
Lot 192--PCC KOM Anamosa 4415Y
Lot 193--PCC KOM Morley 4414Y
Lot 194--PCC R2R Kris 4607Y
Lot 195--PCC Heath 4001Y
Lot 196--PCC Sundance 4017Y
Lot 197--PCC Payday 4000Y
Lot 198--PCC ICE Buffalo Bang 5435Y
Lot 199--PCC ICE Buffalo Brick 5436Y
Lot 200--PCC R2R Gold 7753Y
Lot 201--PCC R2R Juan 7758Y
Lot 202--PCC ICE Johnny Ace 5404Y
Lot 203--PCC ICE Johnny Glad 5402Y
Lot 204--PCC P-L Some Son 5738Y
Lot 205--PCC REI Chunky Bar 5233Y
Lot 206--PCC TF Yuma 4553Y
Lot 207--PCC R2R Emmett 4623Y
Lot 208--PCC ICE Cowboy Jones 5405Y
Lot 209--PCC Cowhand 4094Y
Lot 210--PCC ICE Cowboy Run 5406Y
Lot 211--PCC Vinny 4090Y
Lot 212--PCC Tater 4098Y
Lot 213--PCC ICE Granite Ace 5437Y
Lot 214--PCC SCC Red Gene 5874Y
Lot 215--PCC SCC Tater 5879Y
Lot 216--PCC SCC Winston 5884Y
Lot 217--PCC SCC Boise 5880Y
Lot 218--PCC REI Hearten 5223Y
Lot 219--PCC ICE Buffalo Bling 5430Y
Lot 220--PCC REI Guild 5231Y
Lot 221--PCC Sun Dog 4026Y
Lot 222--PCC ICE Reddy Rod 5423Y
Lot 223--PCC Kingsley 9000Y
Lot 224--PCC CFL Plato Lad 9354Y
Lot 225--PCC CFL Plato Lad 9355Y
Lot 226--PCC CFL Plato Lad 9353Y
Lot 227--PCC CFL Plato Lad 9350Y
Lot 228--PCC Red Ryder 7001Y
Lot 229--PCC Toots 7044Y
Lot 230--PCC ICE Hobo Imitator 7405Y
Lot 231--PCC Blackjack 7040Y
Lot 232--PCC REI Finis 7203Y
Lot 233--PCC REI Handsome 7200Y
Lot 234--PCC REI Yeah 7202Y
Lot 235--PCC REI Longevity 7209Y
Lot 236--PCC Buster 7043Y
Lot 237--PCC ICE Hobo Motor 7406Y
Lot 238--PCC ICE Elijah Grand 7413Y
Lot 239--PCC ICE Elijah Brand 7412Y
Lot 240--PCC ICE Missouri Cowboy 7400Y
Lot 241--PCC Black Thunder 7041Y
Lot 242--PCC TF Yates 7600Y
Lot 243--PCC REI Foresight 7201Y
Lot 244--PCC REI Harbinger 7205Y
Lot 245--PCC ICE Grand Granite 7414Y