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Stevenson's Diamond Dot
Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:00 AM Mountain

Current Lot : 534 -- Diamond Enchantress 168C

Name : Diamond Enchantress 168C
Sire : Stevenson Rainmaker 1173
DOB : 3/14/2015
MGS : Diamond Creek Sandy 0W26
Dam : Diamond Enchantress 262Y
BW : 2.3
WW : 55
YW : 103
MILK : 27
MARB : 0.78
REA : 0.06
CED : 4
$B : 125.68
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Lot 112--Diamond Dash 664D
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Lot 114--Diamond Sonic 6005
Lot 115--Diamond Sonic 672D
Lot 116--Diamond Sonic 819D
Lot 117--Diamond Sonic 1D96
Lot 118--Diamond in the Rough 6015
Lot 119--Diamond in the Rough 6653
Lot 120--Diamond in the Rough 471D
Lot 121--Diamond in the Rough 0D95
Lot 122--Diamond Windy 4536 JS
Lot 123--Diamond Windy 2236 JS
Lot 124--Diamond Windy 82D2
Lot 126--Diamond O'Reilly Factor D405
Lot 127--Diamond O'Reilly Factor D448
Lot 128--Diamond Icon 020D
Lot 129--Diamond Icon 069D
Lot 130--Diamond Icon D274
Lot 131--Diamond in the Rough 4D05
Lot 132--Diamond in the Rough D464
Lot 133--Diamond in the Rough 177D
Lot 134--Diamond In The Rough D429
Lot 135--Diamond Final Option 314D
Lot 136--Diamond Final Option D351
Lot 137--Diamond Final Option 342D
Lot 138--Diamond Home Run 9016 JS
Lot 139--Diamond Home Run 4176 JS
Lot 140--Diamond Home Run 1026 JS
Lot 141--Diamond in the Rough 406D
Lot 142--Diamond in the Rough 961D
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Lot 146--Diamond Justice 2366 JS
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Lot 148--Diamond in the Rough 3D01
Lot 149--Diamond in the Rough 2996 JS
Lot 150--Diamond in the Rough 6386 JS
Lot 151--Diamond Generation D411
Lot 152--Diamond Generation 425D
Lot 154--Diamond Generation D406
Lot 155--Diamond Rainmaker 174D
Lot 156--Diamond Rainmaker 911D
Lot 157--Diamond Rainmaker 934D
Lot 158--Diamond Rainmaker 155D
Lot 159--Diamond in the Rough 371D
Lot 160--Diamond in the Rough 7986
Lot 161--Diamond in the Rough D310
Lot 162--Diamond in the Rough 4686 JS
Lot 163--Diamond Rib Cage 45D7
Lot 164--Diamond Rib Cage 01D8
Lot 165--Diamond Rib Cage 26D2
Lot 166--Diamond Dash 475D
Lot 167--Diamond Dash 473D
Lot 168--Diamond Dash 3626 JS
Lot 169--Diamond Dash 2026 JS
Lot 170--Diamond Hoover Dam 0D88
Lot 171--Diamond Hoover Dam 966D
Lot 172--Diamond Hoover Dam 948D
Lot 173--Diamond in the Rough D314
Lot 174--Diamond in the Rough 775D
Lot 175--Diamond in the Rough D359
Lot 176--Diamond Cavalry D469
Lot 177--Diamond Cavalry 4D09
Lot 178--Diamond Cavalry 4D12
Lot 179--Diamond Columbus 111D
Lot 180--Diamond Columbus 239D
Lot 182--Diamond Columbus 121D
Lot 183--Diamond Windy 3096 JS
Lot 184--Diamond Windy 4216 JS
Lot 185--Diamond Windy 2016 JS
Lot 186--Diamond in the Rough 452D
Lot 187--Diamond in the Rough 92D2
Lot 188--Diamond in the Rough 6754
Lot 189--Diamond in the Rough 321D
Lot 190--Diamond Black Ranger 447D
Lot 191--Diamond Black Ranger D418
Lot 192--Diamond Black Ranger 403D
Lot 193--Diamond Justice 14D8
Lot 194--Diamond Justice 04D8
Lot 195--Diamond Justice 76D5
Lot 196--Diamond Justice 28D9
Lot 197--Diamond Final Answer 20D4
Lot 198--Diamond Icon D665
Lot 199--Diamond Icon 6807
Lot 200--Diamond Roundup 4586 JS
Lot 201--Diamond Payweight D282
Lot 202--Diamond Capitalist 4D13
Lot 203--Diamond Capitalist 6470
Lot 204--Diamond Capitalist 423D
Lot 205--Diamond Roughshod 2156 JS
Lot 207--Diamond Roughshod 2046 JS
Lot 208--Diamond Roughshod 2346 JS
Lot 209--Diamond Breakout 411D
Lot 210--Diamond Breakout 257D
Lot 211--Diamond Breakout 402D
Lot 212--Diamond in the Rough 350D
Lot 213--Diamond in the Rough D312
Lot 214--Diamond in the Rough 3D04
Lot 215--Diamond in the Rough 41D3
Lot 216--Diamond Mustang 450D
Lot 217--Diamond Mustang 2116 JS
Lot 218--Diamond Mustang 3646 JS
Lot 219--Diamond Final Option 325D
Lot 220--Diamond Final Option 309D
Lot 221--Diamond Final Option D321
Lot 222--Diamond Final Option 305D
Lot 223--Diamond Generation 6869
Lot 224--Diamond Generation 313D JS
Lot 225--Diamond Generation 445D
Lot 226--Diamond Generation 434D
Lot 227--Diamond Capitalist 311D
Lot 228--Diamond Capitalist 331D
Lot 229--Diamond Capitalist 356D
Lot 230--Diamond Capitalist D335
Lot 231--Diamond Black Ranger D409
Lot 232--Diamond Black Ranger D422
Lot 233--Diamond Black Ranger 4566 JS
Lot 234--Diamond Black Ranger 494D
Lot 236--Diamond in the Rough 296D
Lot 237--Diamond in the Rough 3D02
Lot 238--Diamond in the Rough D459
Lot 239--Diamond Sonic 252D
Lot 240--Diamond Sonic D436
Lot 251--Diamond Capitalist 1005
Lot 252--Diamond Capitalist 797C
Lot 253--Diamond Capitalist C247
Lot 254--Diamond Payweight 0135
Lot 255--Diamond Home Run C239
Lot 256--Diamond Home Run C244
Lot 257--Diamond Home Run C261
Lot 258--Diamond Roughshod 12C2
Lot 259--Diamond Roughshod 986C
Lot 260--Diamond Roughshod 116C
Lot 262--Diamond Roughshod 9C01
Lot 263--Diamond Roughshod C787
Lot 264--Diamond Roughshod 101C
Lot 301--Diamond Cavalry 205C
Lot 302--Diamond Capitalist 90C2
Lot 303--Diamond Capitalist 90C3
Lot 304--Diamond in the Rough 93C7
Lot 305--Diamond Black Granite 90C1
Lot 306--Diamond in the Rough 2C33
Lot 307--Diamond in the Rough C329
Lot 308--Diamond in the Rough 9C73
Lot 309--Diamond in the Rough 6C74
Lot 310--Diamond in the Rough 7C24
Lot 311--Diamond in the Rough 5C53
Lot 312--Diamond in the Rough 0C65
Lot 313--Diamond in the Rough 0C42
Lot 314--Diamond in the Rough 2C17
Lot 315--Diamond in the Rough C253
Lot 316--Diamond in the Rough 1C62
Lot 317--Diamond Tour of Duty 94C3
Lot 318--Diamond Tour of Duty 94C1
Lot 319--Diamond Tour of Duty 94C2
Lot 320--Diamond Tour of Duty 94C5
Lot 321--Diamond Tour of Duty 94C4
Lot 322--Diamond Tour of Duty 97C3
Lot 323--Diamond Active Duty 0195
Lot 324--Diamond Active Duty 0095
Lot 325--Diamond Active Duty C098
Lot 326--Diamond Ten X 0245
Lot 327--Diamond Ten X C011
Lot 328--Diamond Payweight 069C
Lot 329--Diamond Black Granite 90C5
Lot 330--Diamond Icon C032 JS
Lot 331--Diamond Capitalist C035
Lot 332--Diamond Capitalist C060
Lot 333--Diamond Capitalist 326C
Lot 334--Diamond Capitalist 8C23
Lot 335--Diamond Capitalist 8C26
Lot 336--Diamond Rainmaker 9C04
Lot 337--Diamond Rainmaker 8C66
Lot 338--Diamond Rainmaker C679
Lot 340--Diamond Tradewind 9C09
Lot 341--Diamond Tradewind 6965 RH
Lot 342--Diamond Tradewind 918C
Lot 343--Diamond Riley 90C7
Lot 344--Diamond Riley 90C8
Lot 345--Diamond Riley 90C6
Lot 347--Diamond Big Spread 93C9
Lot 348--Diamond Big Spread 93C8
Lot 349--Diamond Roundup 95C4
Lot 350--Diamond Roundup 95C3
Lot 351--Diamond Roundup 95C1
Lot 352--Diamond Roundup 95C2
Lot 353--Diamond Roundup 94C9
Lot 354--Diamond Roundup 94C6
Lot 355--Diamond Roundup 94C8
Lot 356--Diamond Roundup 95C5
Lot 357--Diamond Roundup 94C7
Lot 358--Diamond Roundup 95C0
Lot 360--Diamond Home Run 5885
Lot 361--Diamond Home Run 5867
Lot 362--Diamond Home Run 5C91
Lot 364--Diamond Mustang 1C75
Lot 365--Diamond Mustang 2C21
Lot 366--Diamond Mustang 1C54
Lot 367--Diamond Mustang 2C40
Lot 369--Diamond Mustang 1C67
Lot 370--Diamond Mustang 1C60
Lot 371--Diamond Mustang 0C56T
Lot 372--Diamond Mustang 1C51
Lot 373--Diamond Mustang 397C
Lot 374--Diamond Icon 247C
Lot 375--Diamond Icon 270C
Lot 376--Diamond Icon 280C
Lot 377--Diamond Icon 218C
Lot 378--Diamond Icon 232C
Lot 379--Diamond Icon C007
Lot 380--Diamond Icon 5893
Lot 381--Diamond Rainmaker 040C
Lot 382--Diamond Rainmaker 865C
Lot 383--Diamond Rainmaker 3C28
Lot 384--Diamond Rainmaker 5862
Lot 385--Diamond Rainmaker C565
Lot 386--Diamond Tradewind C859
Lot 387--Diamond Tradewind C075 RH
Lot 388--Diamond Tradewind 829C
Lot 389--Diamond Tradewind 5724
Lot 390--Diamond Tradewind 048C
Lot 391--Diamond Hondo 0085 RH
Lot 392--DIamond Hondo C144 JS
Lot 393--Diamond Hondo C365 RH
Lot 394--Diamond Hondo C565 RH
Lot 395--Diamond Hondo C745 RH
Lot 396--Diamond Hondo C031 RH
Lot 397--Diamond Payweight 273C
Lot 398--Diamond Columbus C049
Lot 399--Diamond Harvestor 0125
Lot 400--Diamond Harvestor 0295
Lot 401--Diamond Harvestor C055
Lot 402--Diamond Harvestor C067
Lot 403--Diamond Harvestor C050
Lot 404--Diamond Harvestor 0285
Lot 405--Diamond Powder Horn 196C
Lot 407--Diamond Powder Horn 095C
Lot 408--Diamond Powder Horn 088C
Lot 409--Diamond Powder Horn 055C
Lot 410--Diamond Powder Horn C203
Lot 411--Diamond Powder Horn C216
Lot 412--Diamond Powder Horn 188C
Lot 501--Diamond Lucy 988Z
Lot 502--Four Frozen Embryos
Lot 503--Diamond Pride 294C
Lot 504--Diamond Enchantress 2C11
Lot 505--Diamond Barbara 057C
Lot 506--Heifer Pregnancy
Lot 507--Four Frozen Embryos
Lot 508--Diamond Black Lady 994Z
Lot 509--Diamond Black Lady 8535
Lot 510--Diamond Black Lady C006
Lot 511--Diamond Black Lady 74C0
Lot 512--Four Frozen Embryos
Lot 513--Diamond Hoover Dame 96C9
Lot 514--Diamond Hoover Dame 0075
Lot 515--Diamond Hoover Dame 12C0
Lot 516--Diamond Hoover Dame 065C
Lot 517--Four Frozen Embryos
Lot 518--Flush to Buyers Choice
Lot 519--Diamond Blackcap 151C
Lot 520--Diamond Lucy 488C
Lot 521--Diamond Enchantress 5477
Lot 522--Diamond Rhonda 5606
Lot 523--Diamond Bell 118C
Lot 524--Diamond Belle Nellie 89B0
Lot 525--Diamond Blackcap 63B9
Lot 527--Diamond Lady Jaye 990B
Lot 528--Diamond Erica B538
Lot 529--Diamond Lassie 24035
Lot 530--Diamond Enchantress 0465
Lot 531--Diamond Blackcap Lady 104C
Lot 532--Diamond Bell 120C
Lot 533--Diamond Chloe 123C
Lot 534--Diamond Enchantress 168C
Lot 535--Diamond Blackcap 5004
Lot 536--Diamond Blackcap 871C
Lot 537--Diamond Elmaretta 907C
Lot 538--Diamond Blackcap 934C
Lot 539--Diamond Lucy 9C15
Lot 540--Diamond Cleatus 971C
Lot 541--Diamond Nola C201
Lot 542--Diamond Annie C683
Lot 543--Diamond Trojan Erica C816
Lot 544--Diamond Enchantress 4695
Lot 545--Diamond Blackcap 867B
Lot 546--Diamond Blackbird 0B45
Lot 547--Diamond Belle 829B
Lot 548--Diamond Lucy 4745
Lot 549--Diamond Miniver 918B
Lot 550--Diamond Blackcap B549
Lot 551--Diamond Jannet 289B
Lot 552--Diamond Lucy 2644
Lot 554--Diamond Lucy 163B
Lot 555--Diamond Trojan Erica 7B22
Lot 556--Diamond Enchantress 094C
Lot 557--Diamond Black Lady 183C
Lot 559--Diamond Blackcap Lady 7195
Lot 560--Diamond Pamela 3C36
Lot 561--Diamond Lucy 5006
Lot 562--Diamond Trojan Erica 5008
Lot 563--Diamond Lucy 951C
Lot 565--Diamond Lassie 948C
Lot 566--Diamond Erica C538
Lot 567--Diamond Princess Pride C215
Lot 568--Diamond Blackcap Lady C217
Lot 569--Diamond Blackcap C829
Lot 570--Diamond Eline Erica C841
Lot 571--Diamond Miniver Y655
Lot 572--CCAR Gaines Lady Y097
Lot 573--Diamond Black Lady X785
Lot 574--Diamond Bell 969Y
Lot 576--Diamond Blackcap X612
Lot 577--Diamond Lucy C359
Lot 578--Diamond Nola C314
Lot 579--Diamond Joyce C344
Lot 580--Diamond Eileenmere C343
Lot 581--Diamond Blackcap Lady C348
Lot 582--Diamond Lassy 3C49
Lot 584--Diamond Blackcap 391C
Lot 585--Diamond Blackcap 1C93
Lot 586--Diamond Britt 298C
Lot 587--Diamond Blackcap 308C
Lot 588--Diamond Enchantress 6C26
Lot 589--Diamond Lassie C304
Lot 590--Diamond Heather Bloom 350C
Lot C2--Bred Heifers, 44 Hd.
Lot C3B--Bred Heifers, 4 Hd.
Lot C4--Bred Heifers, 25 Hd.
Lot C5--Bred Heifers, 18 Hd.
Lot C6--Bred Heifers, 45 Hd.
Lot C7--Bred Heifers, 33 Hd.
Lot C8--Young Cows, 31 Hd.
Lot C11A--Young Cows, 53 Hd.
Lot C11B--Young cows, 18 Hd.
Lot C12--Cows 4-7 Yrs, 28 Hd.
Lot C13--Cows 5-6 Yrs, 47 Hd.
Lot C14--Cows Mid-Aged, 25 Hd.
Lot C17--Bred Heifers, 40 Hd.
Lot C19--Bred Heifers, 40 Hd.
Lot C20--Bred Heifers, 27 Hd.
Lot C21--Heifer Calves, 75 Hd.
Lot C22--Heifer Calves, 114 Hd.
Lot C23--Heifer Calves, 35 Hd.
Lot C24--BWF Heifer Calves, 30 Hd.