44 Farms

"Superior has been very instrumental in the growth of 44 Farms on both the genetic side and the branded beef side of our program. Superior has allowed us to reach customers from coast to coast through their vast network of representatives that would not be possible for us by an other means. The business model and culture at Superior aligns very closely with what we strive for at 44 Farms, and that is putting the customer first by making his or her experience convenient and enjoyable while offering a great product and great service. All of our sales are broadcast live through Superior Productions; we participate on the American Rancher show as well as print ads in the Superior Livestock Auction catalogs. We believe we receive real value for all of these forms of exposure through Superior. the folks at Superior live this business and have a real passion for the beef industry, just as we do at 44 Farms. We are proud to call the entire Superior team friends and partners." Doug Slattery 44 Farms