Superior Livestock’s Mexican Cattle Marketing

Classes of cattle

Click to Enlarge          Vaquillas Marketing # 1
Mixed Beef Breeds with ¼ Brahman influence or less. The cattle will be mixed colors. Mostly Black, Charolais cross, or Red hided.  All #1s.
Click to Enlarge         Vaquillas Marketing #1½
Mixed Beef Breeds with ¼ Brahman influence or less, appearance not as good as #1’s because of age and condition.  Most cattle will have the ability to upgrade.
Click to Enlarge             Vaquillas Marketing #2
Beef Cattle with good frame and mixed colors, usually cattle with more Brahman influence, showing a small crest or lighter bone.
Click to Enlarge       Vaquillas Marketing - Plain
Beef Cattle with influence from Longhorn, Corriente cross and dairy breeds. Carrying more Brahman influence, and less bone than #2’s.
Click to Enlarge     Vaquillas Marketing - Swiss Brahman Cross
Cattle with Brown Swiss influence with ½ Brahman influence or less. 
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Contact Information 

Superior Livestock Auction Country Page: 
Mitchell Lichtie or Sam Hughes (800) 422-2117
Vaquillas Marketing:
Jim Kollman (432) 770-5535

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Each buyer must be properly registered and have a buyer’s number to purchase cattle on the Country Page.  
  2. Superior Livestock Auction reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  
  3. Payment is due and payable upon delivery of the cattle. In the event of multiple day deliveries, payment will be required on each day’s delivery. If buyer is present when cattle are loaded, payment is due at delivery.  If Buyer is not present at delivery, payment must be sent to Superior Livestock the day the cattle are received by the Buyer.  All payments must be sent by ACH or Wire Transfer on the day the cattle are received. If cattle are received after banking hours payment will be Wire Transferred the next business day. Payment sent via FedEx, UPS or U.S. Postal Service (1st Class, Priority or Express) is not acceptable.  Any fees incurred for sending payment will be at the Buyer’s expense.  
  4. All cattle will be weighed with USDA American duty weight, if cattle are sorted they will be prorated to American duty. Any cattle away from port of entry will be weighed on a certified scale. 
  5. In the event the consignor of Mexican cattle fails to deliver cattle to the port of entry, or should the border be closed preventing the importation of Mexican Cattle, Buyer releases Superior Livestock Auction of all liability to pending order for cattle. Once the cattle have been loaded on the truck they become the sole responsibility of the buyer. Superior is not liable for any death loss that may occur on the truck during transportation to the buyer. 
  6. Health entry requirements for the state of entry are the responsibility of the Buyer.  The Seller will furnish any health certificates required for the state of origin and Federal Law.  If additional health certificates, tests or documentation is required for shipment, it shall be at the Buyer’s request and expense.