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BQA's History of Industry Advancement

"The industry is steeped in tradition, so any time you ask folks to change their ways or do something new, that can be difficult,” says Chase DeCoite, Director of BQA for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff. “But in showing them the results and benefits, not just to the industry but to their operations, that’s the success. The success is in stories of those who have adopted BQA and have seen the benefits.”

While reduced cattle stress and improved product quality are obvious benefits of a BQA certification, the exact added value to a producer’s bottom line is still unclear. However, research has shown some promising results pointing to BQA cattle receiving a premium compared to those that are not certified. In fact, Colorado State University is in the midst of conducting a thorough study on the ROI of BQA Certifications with preliminary results pointing to a premium for certified cattle.

In the end, DeCoite says: “There is no harm in participating in BQA. If anything, it’s a program that the industry has long invested in, long seen as a positive mechanism for proving that how we raise cattle is based on sound science and produces the best protein in the world. Let’s continue to prove that beef producers are proactive in ensuring that the product they deliver to consumers is of the highest quality, the safest protein available and it’s truly something that is enjoyable by all Americans, or by everyone around the world.”